Journal Jottings, July 2017

By Diane L. Richard, NCGS Journal Editor, journaleditor@ncgenealogy.org

The May 2017 (volume 43, number 2) edition of the NCGS Journal was made available on the website in early May, prior to the NGS conference, and physically delivered to mailboxes the first week of June. The table of contents for this issue can be found elsewhere in the July issue of the NCGS News.

As an NCGS member did you know that one of your member benefits is access to the full archive of the NCGS Journal, which is available digitally on the website. And, for those with the new digital-only memberships, the Journal has been produced digitally in color since 2016 (though printed in black and white). The digital color version allows you to see original documents, images, and more as they are meant to be seen. Additionally, the digital version of the Journal is fully searchable and you can just click on any included hyperlinks to go directly to a cited web page.

As these are the lazy days of summer, this edition of Journal Jottings will be brief. Please remember that as you work on your research and come across something interesting, consider if it would be relevant to the Journal. When you take a vacation and visit a repository, might it have North Carolina-relevant materials that you can copy or scan to be transcribed for the Journal? As you snap a photo of a North Carolina landmark, family farm, or cemetery, etc., might it become the next Journal cover image? As you solve that brick wall, do share the methodology and news with readers.

A big “thank you” to the proofreaders as they always make the Journal better! There are several individuals who, every quarter, take some time from their lives to catch all the bugaboos and more that your editor unintentionally has included in the Journal. What’s great about this group is that they all have an eye for different aspects of the Journal—layout, formatting, and consistency; source citations; grammar and better English; and more. They are a vital part of the Journal team and I am very appreciative of every comment they make.

Thanks again to all who have helped and to those who will volunteer in the future. It does take a village to create a journal. Go Journal Team!