Volunteers Helped Make the NGS Conference a Success

By all measures, the National Genealogical Society’s 2017 Family History Conference was a great success! Over 2,400 attendees learned new skills and broadened their knowledge in classes presented by some of the most well-respected lecturers in the genealogy profession. None of this would have been possible without the efforts of over 140 volunteers.

In addition to the months of planning and preparation carried out by Conference Chair Mark Lowe, Local Host Committee Chair Victoria Young, and members of the Local Host Committee, a hard-working corps of volunteers carried out their daily duties with aplomb. They faced challenges like A/V issues and crowded classrooms, helped attendees find their way to “hidden” and relocated classrooms, and provided guidance on the route to the Exhibit Hall. They handled registration, stuffed conference bags, staffed the Exhibit Hall, decorated tables for the Pig Pickin’, and kept the coffee pot going in the Volunteer Room. They staffed the NCGS booth in the Exhibit Hall and their efforts resulted in over 150 new and renewed NCGS memberships!

Thank you, volunteers, for all you did to make this an exceptional conference!

Local Host Committee: Victoria P. Young, Chair; Terry Moore; Maryann Stockert Tuck; Diane L. Richard; Phyllis Matthews Ziller; Laurel Sanders; Sharon Gable; Heather Whann Choplin; Lisa Lisson.

Librarians’ Day: Sue Kaufman, MLIS; Jennifer Crowder Daugherty, MLS.

Alison Broadway
Amy Urman
Anita Finger-Smith
Ann Hilke
Ann Rowe
Anne Powell
Baker Ward
Barbara Mansfield
Barbara McGeachy
Bob Jones
Brenda Carbon
Bud Smith
Carla Stancil
Carol Burgess
Carol Kimball Stahl
Carol Phyliss Frien
Carol Rooksby Weidlich
Cathy Barrows
Charmaine Riley Holley
Cheryl Grace
Chris Wetli
Cindy Foster
Claire Miller
Connie Bradshaw
Crystal Burton
Cynthia Gage
Cynthia Manshack
D. Becker
Darlene Farmer
Deborah Schuler
Debra Taylor
Dee Gause
Diane Richard
Diane Rotunno
Donna Rhyne
Elder Stirling
Elder Sheffield
Elizabeth B. Pena
Emily Richardson
Esther Moore
Frank King
Gayle Williams
Genie Haley
Ginger Mann
Ginger Smith
Gwen K. Brown
H. Jamane Yeager
Healan Justice Barrow
Helen Cleereman
Holt Anderson
Jack McGeachy
Jan Alpert
Jeff Elliott
Jeffrey Keifling
Jennie Gunther
Jim Davis
Jim Hilke
Jim Leahy
Jo House
Jo Zaski
John Dickson
John Myhre
Joyce Wilder
Julie McRae
Jule White
June Lioret
Justin Burns
Kathryn Burns
Kathy Ruse
Kendra W. Lyons
Kristin Barcomb
Kristin Brooks
Leah Rucker
Lee Rupert
Leontyne Peck
Linda Lawson
Linda Owens
Linda Skinner
Linda Tant
Linda Vert
Lisa Marley
Lori Thornton
Lori Winkelstein
Louise Dawson
Lucinda Glover
Lynn Deese
Marcy Thomas
Margaret Lamb
Margie Galik
Margo F. Brewer
Marilyn Harrison
Marilyn Rousseau
Mark Beasley
Martha Heavner
Mary Ann Loss
Mary Ann Rood
Maureen Nelson
Mindy Koole
Monique Bunch
Morgan Elliott
Nan Jones
Nancy Fowler
Novie Beth Gad
Pam Toms
Patsy Dwiggins
Paula K. Furick
Paulette Burkhart
Phillip Heavner
Priscilla Lassiter
Rebecca Werlin
Roxanne Abrams-Cancel
Ruth Stanton
Sallie B. Szymczyk
Sharon Garner
Sharon Smith
Sharon D. Eller
Sheila Calloway
Shelley Murphy
Sheri Fenley
Sister Hansen
Sister Spor
Stephan Kiefer
Sue Angelo
Sue Irvine
Sue Olmsted
Teresa Bordeaux
Toni Wilkinstein
Tony Rotunno
Trudie Davis-Long
Vicki McMullin
Virginia Green
Virginia Thomas
Wendy Elliott