Journal Jottings, September 2017

By Diane L. Richard, NCGS Journal Editor, journaleditor@ncgenealogy.org

The August 2017 issue of the NCGS Journal (volume 43, number 3) is now available on the website. We are excited to share with you content covering the eighteenth through twentieth centuries, from the shore (Perquimans County) to the mountains (Buncombe County), with record types ranging from church records to ledgers to tax to militia and more. At the end of this article you will find a full table of contents for this issue.

stack of photos iconContribution Spotlight

I am always encouraging your submissions for the Journal. Starting with this issue of Journal Jottings, I will spotlight a type of contribution that many of you could make. The inaugural spotlight is on Photos and Images, or, as I like to call them, “visual eye-candy!” I have always loved photos and whenever I am having fun, my camera is with me. Photos are important to the Journal in the following ways.

  1. A photo is used as a cover image of each issue of the Journal.
  2. To fill the empty space that sometimes results at the end of an article, I typically try to insert a picture of something from a county referenced in that article.
  3. Photos provide visual interest throughout the Journal.
  4. Photos can serve as a nostalgic element and as a reminder of family or events or places you’ve visited.
  5. Photos encourage us to think about a person, place, event, or thing and the possible relevance to our own research.

You can help! If you have a photo or image of a North Carolina person, place, event, or object, etc., and you are willing to share it with NCGS members, please send it along to me for inclusion in a future issue of the Journal. Before submitting a photo, please make sure that it is a photo or image in your possession or one that you have explicit permission to share with the Journal. Provide the details of who, what, where, and when, as relevant. Please provide your name and/or the name of the person giving permission to reproduce the photo. Contact information can be provided if you want readers to reach out to you; however, it’s not required.

Please consider submitting a photo or image from your collection to be included in a future issue of the Journal.  Full color, sepia, colorized, and black and white all work. Help the Journal be even more lush in appearance by including more “visual eye-candy” that we can all enjoy!

Seeking Submissions for the Journal

Children and young adults are heading back to school. Pretty soon fall will be in the air. As our busy summers wind down, and before the hectic holiday season is upon us, there is window when our full attention might once again return to researching and honoring our ancestors. This is also a great time to consider giving a genealogy-related gift to someone in your family. Maybe you want to pull together some family photos, write up a particularly touching story about an ancestor or an event, record some interviews with elders to share with younger generations, research a house history, or something else that sparks your interest. As you consider these plans, think about whether your efforts might be appropriate for sharing in the NCGS Journal.

Thanks again to all who have helped and to those who will volunteer in the future. It does take a village to create a journal. As always, I can be reached at journaleditor@ncgenealogy.org to answer your questions, and to receive your submissions and suggestions.

Go Journal Team!

NCGS News, Volume 43 Number 3, August 2017
Table of Contents

“Rubenstein Ramblings: Unveiling a New Digitization Effort” by Brooke Guthrie
“Some Freedpeople of Snow Hill (1909)” by Robert S. Davis
“Hebron Baptist Church (Lincoln & Gaston Counties) (1883)” by Alysia A. Richard
“North Carolina Insane Asylum in Raleigh (c. 1856-1889)” by Barbara Scott
“Moore County Tax List (1815)” by Pamelia Toms
“Wake County Bill of Sale as Found in South Carolina Records (1810)” by Brent Holcomb and Alysia A. Richard
“Slave Insurance (1854-9)” by Diane L. Richard and Wennette Pegues
“Lenoir Apprentice (1883)” by Kay Bissette
“Salisbury District Treasurer’s and Comptroller’s Papers (1767-1786)” by Kay Bissette
“Buncombe Militia (1804)” by Ginger Mann
“Methodist Church Records (Franklin County) (1886-1905) (C-F)” by Pamela S. Pearson
“Perquimans Merchant Ledger (pre-1800)” by Barbara Scott
“WWI Red Cross – Lee County (1918-1919)” by Ginger Mann
Book and Media Reviews by Cassandra “Sandi” Shaw

(Image source: “A stack of photo icons”, [no licensing information available], via Free Icons Download.)