NCGS Journal Vol. 49 No.3 (Part 4) is Available Online

The latest journal issue, “Let’s Get Lost In Ledgers: So Much Genealogically Relevant Information Waiting To Be Discovered (Part 4)” is now available online for all NCGS Members.

Editor’s Message

We continue to explore small business ledgers. As previously mentioned, general store and related ledgers are the most common surviving, genealogically relevant ledgers found. We will examine several late 18th and early-to-mid 19th-century general store ledgers from across North Carolina.

Though all are different, they each give us a fascinating and detailed window into the minutiae of everyday life and the basic purchases made by our ancestors. These intimate details help us walk in the shoes of those who preceded us. The entries of other customers might help or reinforce an ancestral FAN (Friends, Associates, and Neighbors) Club for our family or community; this can be an incredibly powerful research tool.

There are two narrative pieces you’ll want to read: (1) General Store – John Cockton, Currituck Co, 1773-1788 by brothers David and Greg Leatherwood, and (2) General Store – The T. D. Winchester Store, Monroe, Union Co, 1848- 94 by descendant Edwina Winchester Eubanks.

We are also pleased to share some of the output generated by the ECU Stewardship Committee volunteers who spent part of a day in June abstracting material destined for the NCGS Journal.

The remaining pieces range from short FYI type articles to more in-depth abstracts/transcriptions all with a focus on General Store ledgers. This issue concludes our exploration of records left by general stores.

As always, we continue to benefit from a robust group of authors publishing books we need/want as we research North Carolinian ancestors. Check out the newest books reviewed by W. Becket Soule.

Diane L. Richard, Editor

Table of Contents

Editor’s Message

General Store – John Cockton, Currituck Co, 1773-1788
David and Greg Leatherwood

Currituck Crossroads
David and Greg Leatherwood

General Store – Kirk and Alexander Store, Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co, 1819-1821
Hope Blackford

General Store – J. G. Torrance, Mecklenburg Co, 1806-1807
Hope Blackford

General Store – W. T. Alexander, Mecklenburg Co, 1832-1851
Hope Blackford

General Store – [Unknown], Bath, Beaufort Co, 1797-1801
Hope Blackford

General Store – Tucker Springs Store?, Gaston Co, 1827
Alysia Richard

General Store – The T. D. Winchester Store, Monroe, Union Co, 1848-1894
Edwina Winchester Eubanks

General Store – Unidentified Merchant, Cumberland Co, 1852-1856
Peggy Littrell and Marian McDonald

General Store – Unidentified Merchant, Morganton, Burke Co, 1791-1792
General Store – Graves (Account Book), Caswell Co, 1818-1820

Hope Blackford

General Store – John B. and H. Martin.’s Rocky Springs Store, Montgomery Co, 1820-1827
ECU Volunteers

General Store – Right A Adams, Johnston Co, 1854-1858
ECU Volunteers

General Store – Allen Grist, Washington, Beaufort Co, 1813-1816
Hope Blackford

Book and Media Reviews
W. Becket Soule


Don’t forget to check out this issue’s Journal Supplements. These materials went above and beyond what could fit within the issue.

  • John Cockton Account Book Transcription (Currituck Courthouse)
  • Winchester Store Exhibits
  • General Store – Unidentified Merchant, Cumberland 1852-6
  • General Store – Graves (Account Book), Caswell Co, 1818-1820
  • General Store – Allen Grist (Washington Co), 1813-1816

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