NGS Conference Volunteers

The North Carolina Genealogical Society will maintain a booth at the NGS 2014 Family History Conference in Richmond, Virginia, and we need volunteers to help manage the NCGS booth.

The purpose is to handle sales of NCGS items (e.g., books, CDs, webinar CDs, and memberships). Instructions will be provided in advance, with price sheets available. At least 2 volunteers will work each shift.

Shifts have been structured to allow those who choose to volunteer an opportunity to only miss one lecture at any given time, and to provide time between shifts to get to and from a lecture.

To volunteer, please pick a Time Slot(s) and Day(s), and fill out the Volunteer Form, which will be emailed to the Volunteer Coordinator when you submit the form.

As volunteers fill time slots, those blocks will be filled with the volunteers’ names. Those blocks remaining clear still need a Volunteer!

 BOOTH # 707      

 Tme Slot Time  Wednesday, May 7  Thursday, May 8  Friday, May 9  Saturday, May 10
9:15-10:45  1 1/2 hr  Pam Pearson  Vickie Young  Karen Stroschein  Karen Stroschein
9:15-10:45  1 1/2 hr  Laurel Sanders  Karen Stroschein  Anne N. Price  
10:45-12:15  1 1/2 hr  Karen Stroschein  Pam Pearson  Pam Pearson  Karen Stroschein
10:45-12:15  1 1/2 hr  Anne N. Price  Anne N. Price  Anne N. Price  
12:15-1:15  1 hr  Vickie Young  Karen Stroschein  Vickie Young  Pam Pearson
12:15-1:15  1 hr  Anne N. Price  J. Mark Lowe  Linda McLamb Owens  Charlotte Bell
1:15-2:15  1 hr  Karen Stroschein  Vickie Young  Karen Stroschein  Pam Pearson
1:15-2:15  1 hr  Sharon Gable  J. Mark Lowe  Terry Moore  Karen Stroschein
2:15-3:45  1 1/2 hr  Pam Pearson  Karen Stroschein  Karen Stroschein  Pam Pearson
2:15-3:45  1 1/2 hr  Karen Stroschein  Anne N. Price  Anne N. Price  Laurel Sanders
3:45-5:30  1 1/2 hr  Karen Stroschein  Laurel Sanders  Karen Stroschein  Hall Closes at 3:00
3:45-5:30  1 1/2 hr    Karen Stroschein    Packing Up Booth