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This is a compilation of all NCGS Journal Indexes, from its inception. Entries are sorted by name, then by Journal volume number, then by Journal issue number. Page numbers are generally sequential, as they were listed in the original printed index. The year of publication has also been included to help the researcher.

If the researcher notices an obvious error, or an entry that seems questionable, please contact the NCGS Webmaster

Please note that the indicated page number for an entry may occasionally be off by one or two, due to the conversion process from the original document. If you do not find the name on the page indicated, check the previous or the following page.

  • The comprehensive index of ancestral names is complete through Volume 48 No. 3 (2022).
  • The “Search by Ancestral Name” page has been reconfigured to allow a name search of the entire index table. (The previous page provided links to PDF files with groups of names.)
  • The Numbered Military Units page is also a searchable table. For non-numbered military units, such as “Catawba Boys”, use the “Search by Ancestral Name” page.
  • The Place Name index has been completed through Volume 48 No. 3 (2022) and converted to a fully searchable table. (Previously, in PDF format.)
About this Resource

Beginning with the first NCGS Journal in 1975, a yearly index was included at the end of Issue No. 4. Beginning in 1994, indexes were included at the end of each issue, rather than a single, annual index appended to Issue No. 4. The index is actually composed of three different indeces – the Ancestral Name Index, the Contemporary Name Index, and the Place Name and Topic Index.

  • The Ancestral Name Index lists all the names found in the pertinent volume not considered ‘contemporary’.
  • The Contemporary Name Index was defined as generally people who were still living as of the year 1900, and included names of NCGS members, current authors, compilers and editors. This is not included in our current project.
  • The Place Name and Topic Index listed geographic place names and topics. In our current project, we have limited ourselves to place names. Article titles are already indexed in “The North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal Index of Journal Articles, 1975-2013”, compiled by Crestena Jennings Oakley, Nov 2006; revised and updated by Jordan Jones, Jul and Sep 2010; revised and updated by Larry W. Cates, Oct 2012 and Nov 2013; further revised by the Publications Committee to keep it up to date.

This project was conceived in the fall of 2013, with the first volunteers starting about the 1st of the year, of 2014. Volunteers were assigned a particular Volume, or part of a Volume, to index – either Ancestral Names, or Place Names, or both. They transcribed from the original index to a pre-formatted spreadsheet. The individual spreadsheets were imported into a Microsoft Access database. This allows all records to be compiled into a single, alphabetized list. Duplicates entries are removed, the master list is broken down into more manageable groups of names, and reports based on those groups are exported to PDF format, then uploaded to our server for viewing on the NCGS website.

It is important to note that our project is not a re-indexing of the NCGS Journal – everything is based on the original indexes. Our goal is to bring all the disparate indexes to one easily accessible and easily searchable location, as an aid to researchers.

About this Project

Update – 7 Apr 2023: Table updated with Name and Place indexes from 2020 and 2021 (4th quarter) and 2022 (through 3rd quarter). Total Names 362,877, total Places 48,318.

Update – 8 Jan 2022: Table updated with Name and Place indexes from 2020 and 2021 (3rd quarter). Total Names 358,907, total Places 47,896.

Update – 12 Aug 2021: Table updated with Name and Place indexes from 2019. Total Names 351,760, total Places 46,946.

Update – 8 Mar 2020: Table updated with Names indexes from 2017 and 2018.

Update – 21 Feb 2020: Conversion of Names index to searchable table, replacing use of PDF files.

Update – 19 Jul 2017: All volumes through 2016 added to master index. Proofing and standardization completed, with a new set of pdf files added to the server. There are currently 337,311 names in the index compilation.

Update – 9 Aug 2016: The following volumes are completed and online: Vol. 2 & 3. The following volumes are partially available: Volumes 1, 4, 7, 8, 10, 20, 21, 22, & 23. All others have been transcribed and will be brought online in the near future.

Update – 7 Feb 2015: almost 23,000 more Names and over 4500 Places have been added. Currently, the total is 63,118 Name entries and 9692 Place entries.

Update – 13 Nov 2014: over 10,000 more Names and over 2,000 Places have been added. Each entry in the table will open a PDF file in a new browser window. Currently, the total is 40,342 Name entries and 5,154 Place entries. ? In the latest update, it was discovered a number of Place entries from the 1978 index were incorrect. These have been re-indexed. As the Journals were indexed by different individuals over the years, and we have multiple volunteers transcribing them, various discrepancies in format have crept in. Before bringing this latest update online, a concerted effort was made to standardize all the entries.