You Can Ask Me

Do you want to help at the NGS conference in Raleigh in May? You’ve been hearing about the conference for a while and we have a simple job that anyone can do. You don’t need to be registered for the conference to do this and you don’t need to know about genealogy. If you’re figuring out what to do with your spouse, parent, etc., while you attend a lecture, think about volunteering them for this job.

It’s simple – go on the volunteer SignUp website (http://signup.com/go/ngs2017volunteers ) and select the “Ask Me Guide.” You can then see what time slots are available and select one for yourself (or your spouse). The job is very simple. You will wear a badge that says “Ask Me” and stand where you can be seen. People will need to know where the elevator is, where the escalator is, where conference room 301 is (hint: it’s on the third floor), where the food is, and most important, where the bathrooms are. Ask Me Guides will be there to help guide conference attendees and point them in the right direction. Training, which includes a Volunteer Handbook with floor diagrams and a webinar, will be available a week or two before the conference so you will be well prepared.

We hope you are able to attend the conference, but if you only have a couple of hours to spare, being an Ask Me Guide might perfect for you.

The conference will be held Wednesday through Saturday, 10-13 May. We also need “Ask Me” help on Tuesday, 9 May, when people will be coming in to pick up their registration packages. For some people signs just aren’t enough, so Ask Me Guides will make the attendees’ experiences better, which is important for NCGS, NGS, and Raleigh.