Paying it Forward

Paying it Forward

How many times when we are researching our family tree have we encountered documents relating to our family that another researcher has taken the time to abstract, transcribe, copy and/or publish their findings so it was available to us? Maybe the information helped break down one of those “brick walls.” How can we ever pay back such a priceless find?

You can “Pay it Forward” by volunteering your time to the North Carolina Genealogical Society in many different ways. You can transcribe, abstract, proofread, find information, submit research, index, serve on committees, and a host of other activities that will benefit researchers everywhere, now and in the future.

You do not have to be a resident of North Carolina to participate. In our Internet connected world, most of these volunteer opportunities can be done from your home. While NCGS is based in North Carolina, our members are scattered across the United States, having found their roots here.

Not only does volunteering give you an opportunity to “Pay it Forward” by helping other researchers, it helps NCGS do a better job serving you and the genealogical community.

If you have questions about volunteer opportunities and would like more information about volunteering, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at

Short-term opportunities

Many volunteer jobs take just a few hours of your time, such as helping in the NCGS booth at a workshop or proofreading the newsletter.

See a current list of volunteer opportunities . . .

Ongoing opportunities

NCGS Journal

Abstract and transcribe original documents of genealogical significance to North Carolina. In most cases, the Journal editor acquires images of original documents so that contributors can work on transcriptions or abstracts from home.

Alert the Journal editor to sources of statewide or broad regional interest that haven’t already been abstracted or transcribed elsewhere, particularly for areas that have received less attention in past journals.

Submit carefully researched and well-documented case studies and methodological articles, as well as source material and fillers.

Find out more information about contributing to the NCGS Journal.

NCGS Committees

Program Committee – help plan workshops by providing suggestions for topics, speakers, and locations; assist with workshop publicity; and participate in coordinating events. Contact the Program Committee Chairperson at

Nominating Committee – select members willing to serve in various NCGS positions. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at

Publicity committee – publicize upcoming workshops, webinars, and other activities of NCGS, through a variety of media. Develop and maintain contact lists for publicity efforts. Contact the Publicity Committee Chairperson at

Webinar Committee – be part of a team that does everything from choosing the speakers, writing the promotions, and being present at pre-recording sessions. Would you like more information? Contact the Webinar Committee Chairperson at

Membership Committee – help develop strategies to increase NCGS membership. Contact the Membership Committee Chairperson at

Budget and Finance Committee – Are you a retired bookkeeper, auditor or other financial professional? Put your financial experience to work. No matter where you live, your financial experience can be a benefit to NCGS. Contact the Treasurer for more information about serving on this important committee.