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NCGS Mission Statement

Our Mission is:
1. to increase interest in and raise the standards of research and compilation by means of educational programs and publications.
2. to acquaint members with research sources and materials in North Carolina and elsewhere.
3. to serve as a medium of exchange of genealogical information.
4. to promote the collection, preservation, and utilization of manuscripts, documents, and other materials of genealogical and historical value.
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NCGS Donations

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Save the Pensions!

Preserve the PensionsDonate Now! Join with the NCGS to support the FGS to raise funds to digitize the War of 1812 pension files and make them accessible online – free and forever!

For more information, see the FGS Preserve the Pensions page.

Member Benefit: Magazine Discounts

The North Carolina Genealogical Society is pleased to announce a new member benefit: Discounts on two great genealogy publications.

Family Chronicle and Internet Genealogy are offering NCGS members a $25 rate for one-year (six issue) subscriptions or renewals to either or both Family Chronicle and Internet Genealogy. That's a $7.95 savings off the regular rate of $32.95 a year.

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NCGS Webinars – The North Carolina Series

Helen F. M. Leary 


The North Carolina Series of webinars is produced by the North Carolina Genealogical Society for all interested in the history and genealogy of this state and its people. North Carolina’s renowned genealogist, Helen F. M. Leary, CG (Emeritus), FASG, begins the series with the question: "Tarheels in Your Family Tree?".
Genealogists will find that many families came through North Carolina - some stayed, others moved on, and a few returned. The information Ms. Leary and other speakers provide will be useful to all researchers of southern states and their peoples.
The text for this series is North Carolina Research Genealogy and Local History, Helen F. M. Leary, CG, FASG, Editor. It is available in the NCGS Store.
Click Herecyan buttonfor a clip of Helen’s introduction to the North Carolina Series
This page continually under construction - check back often for new content.

New live NCGS Webinar coming soon!

NCGS is proud to present its first LIVE webinar, NC Taxes: People, Places, Time, and Delinquency, with J. Mark Lowe

19 September 2014, 3-4 pm EDT

Discover the variety of North Carolina tax records, and how they can tell you more than the amount due. Learn where they are located, and when to look at alternate sources for information.

See our article on the home page for more information.

cyan button Click here to register for this live event.

Can't attend the live webinar, or just missed it?

J. Mark Lowe's NC Taxes, People, Places, Time, and Delinquency will be available for a free, 3-day public viewing, over the weekend of 3-5 October 2014.

After those dates, the webinar will only be available in the Members section. (It will be available to all on CD, for sale in the NCGS Store, at a future date.)

cyan button Click here to register for the recorded webinar.

Latest Recorded Webinar: Freedmen's Bureau Records

This webinar was freely available to the public over the weekend of 16-18 May 2014

It is now accessible on the website to NCGS members as a member benefit. 
(Available soon on CD, in the NCGS online store.)

Tarheels in Your Family Tree, Part 1 - Special Encore Presentation

This webinar was freely available to the public over the weekend of 18-20 July 2014

It is now accessible on the website to NCGS members as a member benefit. 
(Also available to all on CD, in the NCGS online store.)

Sneak Previews!

These short clips give insight into the content of these recorded webinars. The full webinar recordings are always available to NCGS members. (More to come - check back often!)

cyan buttonTarheels in Your Family Tree, Part 1


cyan buttonFreedmen's Bureau Records

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          Also consider taking a look at our Webinars CD Brochure, July 2014 for recorded offerings found in the NCGS Store.

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