Colonial to Civil War Records in the North Carolina Archives

Alamance Battleground Marker

— Presented by Craig R. Scott, CG, FUGA — Most researchers seem to think that military records are only located in the National Archives. The North Carolina Archives holds a treasure trove of records that cannot be found in Washington, DC. Most of the records are financial in nature.

Finding a North Carolina Revolutionary War Ancestor

Minute Man statue

— Presented by Craig R. Scott, CG, FUGA — North Carolinians were active participants in the Revolutionary War, providing men, supplies, and support for the revolutionary cause. Records were created before, during, and after the war.

Finding Women: Maiden Name Not Known

Nancy Hanks Lincoln portrait

— Presented by Craig R. Scott, CG, FUGA — Learning the maiden name of a wife can be one of the more difficult tasks in genealogical research. When a maiden name is hard to find you may have to learn it through the records of the men in her life.

Indentured Servitude in North Carolina

Indenture Certificate 1738

— Presented by Craig R. Scott — Indentured servitude was of immense value to colonial America. Through the headright system, it allowed for the transportation of men and women who were either unable to afford or were actually unwilling to travel to the colonies and settle in a land desperately in need of people

Pre-Revolutionary Wars and Records

Colonial North America map

— Presented by Craig R. Scott, CG®, FUGA — This webinar places the research in context from the period of the French and Indian War up to the Revolutionary War. It also discusses strategies for successful research from literature review through free and subscription websites relating to this time period.

Quaker Records and Migration

Friends Meeting House

— Presented by Craig R. Scott, CG, FUGA — This webinar will examine the creation of Quaker records and their meaning for the researcher. The reasons for migration and migration patterns before and after the Revolutionary War will also be explored.